Vision of Tawasol Initiator Poetry Book Introduction

2019-11-05 13:38:06


Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah…

In the book of ‘Vision of Tawasol Initiator, Make leadership and Nations Happy’ the author, Dr. Abdullah Al-Nyadi had highlighted the great efforts he has made, as well as his vision as international tawasol initiator which he has endeavored to achieve, and so that this vision would have the generous hands in every time and place, locally and internationally

In this book (collection of poems), a participation to immortalize the book of ‘Vision of Tawasol Initiator, make leadership and Nations Happy’ through turning it into poetry, so that it would remain as a chant forever memorized, as it has been said about Arabic poetry and prose (Not one tenth of the prose had been memorized and not one tenth of the poetry had been forgotten)

And due to the great importance of the book and its content, and to spread the information in a new and interesting way, the readers would love to sail among its waves, dive within its meanings, because of all that, we have put these poems between your hands, within you shall find entertainment and benefit.

We have made every chapter of the book as a separate poem, united in balance and differ in rhyme

In conclusion, I ask God to make this work useful to everybody, as I ask him to accept it from us.


Poet/ Anas Saeed Edlibi