The Tent


To the man who inspired and imbued the people of the UAE with happiness by founding a union that has become a fountainhead of contented pleasure. To the man who laid down the pillars of the federation and propelled the march of construction towards prosperity. To the man who instilled in us the values of cooperation, tolerance and love. To Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace.


For Many years the Tent in UAE culture and Arabs has been central space for identity, sociability and hospitality.


It all started in Al Ain when Dr. Abdullah Al Neyadi was a young primary school student in the early 60’s. When one day he heard that one of his favorite teachers fell ill and was admitted to hospital, he took it upon himself to go and visit him. The teacher could not believe that young Abdullah Al Neyadi went out of his way to visit him. Days went by and the teacher got discharged and returned back to school, telling the story of this young student who came to visit. The school praised him for his kindness and for his urge to do good.


Fast forward to the mid 70’s now an adult, Dr. Abdulla Al Neyadi had weekly gatherings at his father’s Majlis, where he invited anyone to come who was interested in making new friends and for old friends to stay in touch with each other. This went on until 1985, when he moved the gatherings to his own Majlis in Abu Dhabi and now the group of people who came for the Thursday gatherings weren’t only friends that wanted to keep in touch and make new connections, it was friends that brought their friends to discuss topics that concern the UAE and came out with new ideas, solutions and events for their country.


Given the success of the weekly meetings the Majlis could not fit in all the people that were keen to be part of this movement, so Dr. Al Neyadi had to come up with a solution and decided to move the gatherings to a big tent on the events grounds on the Khatam Road in Abu Dhabi in 2001.

The ‘Tent’ has been an object of interest on the part of states and social groups. This is evidenced by the fact that the ‘Tent’ has more than 77 representatives in centers and affiliate offices in 91 countries. More recently the ‘Tent’ inaugurated a representative office in the Economic Community of West African States

It has been there ever since and has now grown to be a place where anybody from all walks of life can come to share their ideas and make successful business connections.

About Al Tawasol International Tent

Al Tawasol International Tent’ presents us with a positive precedent as it functions in the capacity of a point of departure, a coordinator, a frame of reference and a platform for all issues and proposals with respect to the culture of happiness without recourse to the differences between individuals, groups or milieus as long as they all serve beneficial communication.

The Tawasol International Tent has entertained several international delegations and is one of the key places of home grown ideas.

The Tawasol International Tent became an international platform of communication, bringing together those interested in building bridges of communication from all over the world.