Offers the unique opportunity to make valuable connections from all over the world. The Al Tawasol team will provide you with the right tools and support to set up successful meetings and conferences while catering to all of your marketing and business development needs. Al Tawasol International Tent is your gateway to building a worldwide network.
We at Al Tawasol International Tent specialize in marketing and business development services to help you grow your business.

With a team of “Introducers”

Under the guidance of Dr. Abdullah Al Neyadi, Al Tawasol International Tent actively supports clients in the search for potential prospects within its database (including more than 100,000 contacts from all over the world), with the goal to generate leads or to organize one-on-one meetings.

This formula provides significant advantages in terms of cost (compared to hiring), flexibility (no minimum duration) and effectiveness (access to the database of Al Tawasol International Tent).


For gratitude and happiness is ready to spread and promote a culture of happiness — wherever in the world there may be a need.

A large network

Of businessmen and investors is ready to implement our happiness initiatives in in line with the priorities and preparedness of each participating country.


To select experts, businessmen and ambassadors of gratitude and happiness from every country to function as local teams, bringing together leaderships and nations while preserving, disseminating and continuing the programs of happiness in their respective countries. We combine our efforts with those of local teams which we consider as building blocks of Al Tawasol International Tents and its representatives.

To further increase the effectiveness, this service is provided in combination with other integrated services provided by Al Tawasol International Tent:


Participation in Al Tawasol International Tent’s Fairs and/or the organization of presentations


Al Tawasol International Tent offers a wide range of services in order to support the marketing & business development activities of our clients:

  • An excellent reputation
  • A unique database with excellent profiles
  • Valuable relationships with asset managers, private bankers, fund selectors, financial analysts, banks, media, financial institutions, consultants, developers as well as individuals and entities from multiple fields

Al Tawasol International Tent organizes events, road shows, presentations, seminars and courses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all other Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, KSA, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Europe, Asia, the United States and many other parts of the world thanks to a number of local and international partnerships.

Our customized packages include the following services:

  • Selection of contacts within Al Tawasol International Tent’s community database
  • Consulting services regarding the organization of events and conventions (logistics, location, time, date, catering, other providers etc.)
  • Direct management of electronic invitations (save the date and reminders)
  • Direct phone calls to the most important contacts in order to reduce the risk of no-shows among those who have registered for an event
  • Management of the list of attendees with all contact details
  • Follow-up activity
  • Advertising platform: You can advertise with us to grow your business

We are able to reach out to 20-30 qualified investors effectively, but we have also organized presentations with 300+ attendees

By advertising your products and services on Al Tawasol International Tent’s platform, the industry’s most cost-effective marketing tool, you will reach your key audience. We attract more than 100,000 users each month who are actively searching for the products and services you provide.

Whether you are targeting your market on a local, national or international scale, we at Al Tawasol International Tent offer a variety of advertising packages and sponsorship opportunities designed to meet your specific needs and budget. Banners can be placed in over 300 directory categories, allowing your message to reach a specific audience.