AL TAWASOL stems from the Arabic language and means “STAY CONNECTED”

Dr. Abdullah Al Neyadi Your New Connecting Bridge





For Many Years Dr. Abdullah Al NEYADI devoted his time to the true meaning of Al Tawasol “Connecting”, Connecting with people and connecting people from all walks of life, Over the past 23 years he built strong relationships locally as well as internationally. He then founded

The Tawasol International Tent which has become a gathering spot in Abu Dhabi where attendants can learn about the culture of the UAE and make new connections.

Tawasol International Tent is an international platform of communication, bringing together those interested in building bridges of communication from all over the world.

Since the Council has flourished, it is about time that all of these contacts and relationships are shared with the rest of the world; opening the door to opportunities to break into different markets in the world.

On this website you have access to contacts from all over the globe and can Cherry-pick companies and individuals you want to work with by searching our database of company profiles. Your search criteria can range from industry to location right down to services, names and their positions.

Al Tawasol International Tent is a virtual bridge that connects the right people with each other and also with the right services.