The nation is at odds with history

2020-02-10 16:37:34

The rationalization projects of this nation are undoubtedly many and varied, and the need for them exists in every field and in every time. Today, we are trying to present one of them with a method of ijtihad, not exclusively from the field of persecution and martyrdom. Gentlemen: The Islamic Ummah - which is in the slaughterhouse of a third of its fifteenth century for immigration and in the second decade of the twenty-first century AD - bears the responsibility of values ​​and mercy to nations, and it is a nation that witnessed and witnesses massive events on its soil, not considering its impact on them but on the whole world. Geographically, it represents the central region of the globe, which gave it the opportunity to communicate with the western and eastern thirds, but it was imposed on it to collide and absorb the shocks historically and presently; it is violent shocks or tremors, direct or regressive, but it stands culturally and privately if we measure the presence by the cultural standard. It is the world's richest energy storage reservoir. In addition to the geographical and economic dimensions, it is the cradle of the three heavenly messages, and the cradle of the holy Bekaa. All of this tempted adherents of religions and others to fight a bitter conflict on its soil throughout the still-existing history, and stirred the waves of ancient and modern colonialism. But at the same time, it is living a civilizational and intellectual crisis that has left it at odds with history and with the times, at the expense of spiritual, psychological, human and economic development. This has led to the loss of the necessary harmony between the religious and moral conscience and contemporary human reality, so it has not been able to reconcile all of time with all laws and beliefs. The whole of time is represented in freedoms of all kinds and types - freedom of tongue, freedom of staff, equality between females and males, and the requirements of human rights As for all laws and beliefs, it is committed to preserving religions, bodies, money, offspring, and reason, with arrangements and arrangements. This nation is in urgent need, but in urgent need to review the contents of its Shariah, in its entirety and its two parts, so that its time may live in ease of its affairs, and smooth in its course, in a pairing between observing the true interests and the texts of eternal revelation. The review is not synonymous with rollback, facilitation is not synonymous with indulgence, and download is not synonymous with assignment. It is the order of the provisions of the sentenced conditions on them; they are holders who addressed them the street completely address a missionary and facilitator and warning, and noting that the law conclusion does not want Aanathm, and that one of the featured prominent, and qualities brilliant (what God wants to make you awkward but wants to purify and is His grace upon you, that ye may give thanks ) (And put their insistence on them and the shackles that were upon them) (there is no compulsion in religion) (Except those who are coerced and whose heart is reassured by faith) (He has explained to you what you have been forbidden, unless you are compelled to do so) The text of revelation raises the embarrassment, and the text of revelation stops assignment at the boundaries of necessities, and the text of revelation who does not enjoy freedom of will is not assigned to him. But how are necessities weighed? They are conditions, and weights are not the same as weights of material things and weights. How do we measure embarrassment? To disable and not to switch a provision, to download a fact and not to assign a value, With interpretation, not by transferring or deceiving, and by explanation and not by reasoning or reasoning