Tawasol International tent Until the end of 2017- Section I – Chapter II

2019-11-14 11:31:03

And the land (seal) had a door of the project Anbar until it shows on the Rehab

He calls two forums in which he builds prospects of enormous glory and has a wonder

It has hosted successful and talented people to humiliate them with difficulty

This book is our guide to their success.

In the quarter, I hosted a pamphlet of virtuous knights on the riders

Has established a number of departments to become the place

And branches in Egypt, Sudan or elsewhere in order to rise above the reefs.

The people have realized the value they came to, where they work for the right thing

And initiatives in a country that has been implemented in every country

I have formed between the cities a platform that called and everyone with pleasure has answered

And with a vision and a message that all countries must call