Section II – Philosophy of global communication man in Happiness of leaders and peoples – Chapter II

2019-11-18 12:29:19

First topic

Leaders have delighted their people and people who did not return the beautiful

Some countries have fulfilled all their wishes and hopes

Their children were satisfied with a living that was drawn to them the sweetest country and the ideals

Can a leadership feel its tender so that the tender will continue and communicate

We need the happiness of the people to the leaders of the response of the beautiful humiliates the matter

So that everyone reaps the fruits and their spirit as a porter in which the burning enthusiasm

But the neglect of fulfilling a devastating and we will show that it hit the like

Citizen education defect sees only the employee for orders complies

If you do not see her people by giving her, the citizen has given up,

Therefore, its treatment in a whole must take the treatment to heal

Young people must be educated in order to see with gradual and continuous stress

And lectures and then seminars and ...

He also shows programs happily and sees them for example.