Section II – Philosophy of global communication man in Happiness of leaders and peoples – Chapter I

2019-11-17 09:44:44

Second Topic

Why and how we will make UAE leadership happy ?

Happiness is a need for people to grow with confidence .. Ambition is spreading

Religion is a path of happiness when there is a vow of discord and all evil

Every thinker or leader of poetry has urged a saying

It is the path of our societies to advance and civilization .. is a need in humans

It is the taste of our poet and found him in which life has been

We thank builders for happiness and planting in our children since childhood

Expressing our love and prayers to a leadership that is tired of our impact

Honor them and we function in conquering shops and trained his successor dawned Moon

Our dedication and building our sincerity is the path to success

In the war of the impossible monster tale of his imprisonment we will always be captured

The land of love of God from his gods, and we will protect them

We will be in our achievements and tenders, for example, it always applies to humans

The tops of life from success to success without boredom

Made a lot in building happiness must express happiness to go

We give sincerely love our role and our concern and cold our evil

And unity, cooperation and harmony, our leadership was happy and my country flourished