Section II – Philosophy of global communication man in Happiness of leaders and peoples – Chapter I

2019-11-16 12:50:11

First topic

What has the UAE leadership delighted its people?

The interaction between us is beneficial and all harm is done away from it

In our opinion, science is the best wealth in our field towards the development of the country.

know the needs and then respond. The happiness of the great people is the equipment.

We give everybody the best service. Good in all ports.

Science was our weapon and our bets met the aspirations of leadership, which is jihad.

In an infrastructure of health and justice in every country,

And security paved our way to civilization, all in great thanks and increased

We will be the happiest of walking on the rich and Hassan days came after the hardship

Instilled in him the noble values and love, they are the light of civilization

Volunteering in the fabric of my civilization is a trail of happiness for worshipers.