Pre-establishment of Tawasol International Tent – Section I – Chapter I

2019-11-13 13:58:01

It is an idea since childhood to build and a visit to a teacher in which to give

And communication and the generation explains their lesson and continues to build souls as they wish

Sports, swimming, horse riding, horsemanship and space

The drawing was a beacon of communication, and an increasing ceremony was prepared for the celebration

These aspects have contributed to an interest in communication that has never

There were meetings at the father's house on Thursday with souls

After graduation, there was a beacon and the support gave his

He visits how many from an explored nation to spread the idea of communicating prosperity.

Then the secondment of a teacher, is an opportunity to meet those who have been secret at the meeting

In a house that was coming, communication was good in this fraternity.

They returned to Abu Dhabi and continued to be overwhelmed by the love and redemption

It is an opportunity to storm in our minds to radiate ideas and was in the experts

Visiting America was an opportunity that greatly enhanced their communication in the generosity of

And to Abu Dhabi and the development has been in the registration of seminars starting

The Confucian Club has been a breakthrough that has yielded a flood of giving

In the office of development, the first seed to crack in my tent that bark

I have visited the people of Mauritania the same qualities and the same forms of construction

I went to the country and there was a lesson in all the efforts there.

And (green forearms) was our way to communicate happiness and congratulations

(Man of Communication) was after his efforts for a great title he kept abounding with giving