Loyalty and Happiness Records Initiative to delight the wise leadership of the Commodity Zone

2019-12-06 15:40:52

Global tawasol Tent platform is pleased to publish to you the archive of the events of "happiness and loyalty record for leadership's happiness" organized by the ]Global tawasol Tent inside and outside the country and today we present you

The activities of «happiness record for leadership's happiness» organized by the Western Region Municipality, in coordination with the global tawasol tent in Goods City  

The celebration, which was held at the Wedding Hall in Goods City, witnessed a large turnout of officials and representatives of government and non-governmental departments in the Western Region and a large number of parents, school students and workers in the educational field. In addition to organizing a heritage corner to showcase the products of productive families with the participation of the Adult Education School, as well as a heritage corner for the center for the care and rehabilitation of people with special needs.

In conclusion, Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Neyadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Tawasol Global Tent, and the owner of the initiative “happiness record and loyalty for leadership's happiness” thanked everyone and praised the high turnout of the people of the Western Region, whether citizens or residents to sign in the records.