First Council – Zayed and The Concept Of Happiness

2019-10-02 12:06:20

Main Council

In this council, Sheikh Zayed _ May his soul be blessed_ used to receive all requests from his people, facilitates the hardships they are facing and encourage them financially and spiritually on constructing and planting their lands by motivating them and supporting their needs to build their projects and achieve their goals.

Through the council and by conversing with those who have opinions, he managed to set the pillars of happiness and raised with both human and constructions, that was clearly viewed in how he used to invite experts and thinkers from all lands to discuss his ambitious ideas with them, his determination never faltered nor had his mettle ever fall back and his mind would not steal, until these ideas are made into a solid reality after they were nothing but mere dreams, unachievable to the experts’ datum and predictions,  just like how he challenged the agricultural engineers theses which claimed the impossibility of overcoming the harsh terrains, climate conditions and lack of water resources with his unyielding determination, and lunched villages and cities projects which are now well constructed, inhibited and provided with advanced facilities, Forest projects that surrounds the capital, and Crimean trees planting projects in Emirates, where it was in the near past barren deserts with no water nor electricity, incapable of growing plants or pasture, surrounded and occupied with high and high, low lands and mazes, a land that could hardly be reached by those who seek it.

The rise of human and construction was not the only thing Sheikh Zayed _ God bless his soul _ had focused on despite being the main brick on which physical and visible Renaissance is built, he also gave attention to another, important and essential to the strength and the continuation of the Renaissance as a spiritual and principal-based concept, and that in anchoring the concept of happiness, tolerance and love in mankind, as he made each Emirate Citizen outgoing and claimed him as a role model for mankind around the world.

How Sheikh Zayed _ God bless his soul _ used to descend to the court and sit with his people with care and humbleness had its great effect in the hearts of people, he never took a high office, his office was the council, he used to make daily morning visits to observe the projects and the country’s infrastructure for these were his main interest, from dawn he personally observed and supervised these projects in each area, which is the more prove on his unmatched care with his people’s good and interests,

In this context, his highness Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed a story,

“We were looking for our father, and there he was, among the workers, in an area full of smoke and dust, pointing to the workers and saying ‘place this here and that there’ exactly as a supervisor would do with his company staff”

And in his relationship with his sons, he always made sure to plant the great Islamic values in their souls, encouraging them on giving their utmost effort to the Renaissance and prosperity of their country, he had always considered himself and his people to be one big family, that is why his relationship with them did not differ regardless where they were, they all had a place in his heart, and all are in the circle of his attention, he always made sure that the new generation would embrace the original values and the sense of belonging to their homeland with its history and heritage”

In his council, he used to give space to scientists, cultivators and thinkers from the Arab nation, to listen to their opinions, suggestions and thoughts, with that he was considered the only character in the Arab nation who listened more than spoke, and such a unique man is a phenomenal we have not encountered again in the history of modern ages.

Writer and points could not resist pointing out such pure genius and this phenomenal behavior in their poetry, writings and literature, as did the president of The Administrative Organization of Poetry Club, Mr. Habib Al-Sayegh in his brilliant poem “Within Us, Zayed Lives”

Based on these values and principles which have crossed the country limits and spread to the horizon,we wrote a book titled “The Global Communication Man’s Vision in Bringing Happiness to The Nation Leaders and People”, as the book was launched from thisvery council, benefiting The United Arab Emirates, and becoming valid to generalizing the experiment globally, to be an example for those who aim at achieving the values of happiness, tolerance and love among the nation’s leaders and people, and between nations.