Fifth Council (Part Two) – Zayed And the Concept of Happiness

2019-10-09 13:41:28

The president of Authors and Writers Union in one of the Arab countries, had once told a story that is considered a model of Sheikh Zayed’s behavior with the residents of these countries, which was the story of how they first met and the imprison the man had about Sheikh Zayed through this encounter.

The man says that It was in one of the cities in his country where Sheikh Zayed arrived accompanied by the president of our that country, during the celebration, the man read a poem he had written for the occasion, then he was invited to sit between the two presidents, which was a remarkable honor, Sheikh Zayed put his hand on the man’s shoulder and asked him “From which college did you graduate?”, The man said that he has never been to school in his life, so Sheikh Zayed said “Then you will be joining the faculty of Media in Abu Dhabi”, the poet said that he cannot leave his country as long as his mother is alive.

Sheikh Zayed was deeply touched with this incident and expressed his admiration with that kind of values no matter the conditions were.

The poet confirms that Sheikh Zayed had a humane sense that established his place in people’s hearts, he was the kind of man you love once you meet.

Such admiration with Sheikh Zayed in these countries did not just happen in an instant, nor was it a coincidence, and we would not even find it a wonder if we knew that Sheikh Zayed took the initiative in time with the establishment of The United Arab Emirates in the sixties and seventies of the previous century, and had started extending the communication bridges with many countries then, lending them a generous hand once he reached them.

Sheikh Zayed had always made sure to welcome all delegations himself, expressing his relief to meet them and his willingness to support them and be by their side through the hardship.

One of the courageous steps he took in the light of his immediate generous support to some of the countries in need is to hire thousands of their citizens in many different sectors in The United Arab Emirates, and within a few years he saved many families from poverty and need during a time when their countries was suffering from low fortune and hardships.

And with that, thousands of the citizens of these countries found work in Emirates which enabled them to support their families and relatives and in turn, society, as with the guidance of God and the efforts of Sheikh Zayed, the communities of these countries in Emirates gained benefit from about five contracts of the income of their work, which enabled them to support an important slice of their society, it even reached to the point that some of them had annual incomes of millions of dollars.

And with that, the families of the people who work in the Emirates became a sample of good state and hundreds of them managed to make fortunes and investments from the incomes of their work in Emirates, also giving Emirates a good reputation in these countries. A good example is as we have mentioned before, the great number of villages and neighborhoods in the capitals of some countries and its internal areas which are named after Emirati names.

And in time with that, the Emirati charity in many neighboring countries had followed the instructions of Sheikh Zayed to be a supporting pillar to millions of humans on overcoming hardships, whether it came in the form of digging up wells, building mosques, supporting schools or free food giveaway, in it is the same program that continues up to this day with the help of God first, and the country’s charitable organizations second, on top of those is Sheikh Zayed’s Charitable Organization. And we may say that The Annual Emirate Charity Program is considered one of the biggest charity program in the countries that Sheikh Zayed used to support, it includes fighting poverty by giving out money, digging up wells, building dams, building mosques, rescuing those under damage, sheltering the orphans, supporting Imams and religious institutes and participating in improving the living status of students through disrupting food, clothes and charity funds. This program has reached through the past years to isolated areas in may countries and into places no charity has ever reached.

The Humane Program Sheikh Zayed had started in these countries has participated with many valuable aids that became eternally engraved in the hearts of every citizen in these countries, and the love of Sheikh Zayed as a person and Emirates as a country became part of their characters, earning The United Arab Emirates a dear place in the hearts of those whom were graced by the generous hands of Sheikh Zayed, may his soul be blessed.