Fifth Council (Part Three) – Zayed and The Concept of Happiness

2019-10-10 13:24:18

Sheikh Zayed’s name is repeated daily between hundreds of thousands of people, whether when they are addressing their sons whom they have named after such a great Arab leader (Arab’s judicious Man) or while talking about his good deeds.

And one of the most remarkable humane deeds that immortalized Sheikh Zayed’s name in many countries and formed a strong dam for the relationships between their people and the people of Emirates is hospitals attached to or named after Sheikh Zayed, those that were built in a places od desperate need for such care, and covering all different medical specialties and are considered to be the biggest hospitals ion these countries, including different divisions (Internal Medicine department, Cardiothoracic department, Surgery department, Maternity department, Laboratory, Recovery department, Quarantine department, etc.), providing services to hundreds of people 24/7.

The opening of these hospitals was a remarkable health event in the countries where it was opened, some of them had not had but a single hospital for surgery and the treatment of certain cases that required special equipment, and others had areas of large populations that represent a meeting point to different areas with no hospitals in any of them, and with Sheikh Zayed’s hospitals, medical services were presented to them.

This essay that I have presented here in length and details is an example to prove Sheikh Zayed’s love and compassion methodology with Arab and International countries, how he stood by their side at the time of need and through hardships until they safely overcame it.

As well as adding this field to Sheikh Zayed’s councils _God bless his soul_ abroad, as a generalization to the idea of his councils within Emirates at one side, and not only caring for the Emirati citizen through meeting him abroad, but expanding that care to include the non-Emirati citizens of these countries.

With that we see that the idea and program of Sheikh Zayed’s council was not limited to Emirates but was a method travelling around with him and wherever he sets foot.

In conclusion, we see that Sheikh Zayed through these councils would meet his people and others within the country and abroad, planting the seeds of happiness within their souls, illuminating their souls with pleasure and joy, facilitating the hardships they face, lending them a generous hand, recognizing their interests as his own, hurting with their pain as if it was his own, celebrating with their happiness as if it was his. May God bless Sheikh Zayed, who was a true father for his people, extending his love and compassion to others as well!

This method traveled from the kind Zayed to his people, exchanging love and happiness with him and carrying on this style on which they were raised and became familiar with. This council method has also transported to the president, his highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed _God bless him_, who welcomed it and excelled it, being the best successor to his predecessor.