Efficiency nomination of HG Gregory Khoury

2019-12-25 14:06:31

The Global tawasol Tent Forum is pleased to publish to you from the archive of the activities of "Loyalty and Happiness Records to Delight Good Leadership" organized by the Global tawasol Tent inside and outside the country and today we present to you an event Explanation of His Excellency Gregory Khoury,  The bishop of the United Arab Emirates for the Greek Orthodox community to be the 45th ambassador to fulfill and happiness, as part of the "happiness record to delight leadership" initiative launched by the Global tawasol tent, in the presence of Russian Ambassador Alexander Yevimov, Greek Ambassador Dionysius Zoise and Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Albert Matta and Advisor to the Ambassador Palestinian Louay Musa, and a number of personalities of the Christian religion  And a number of ambassadors of loyalty and happiness and members of the global tawasol tent

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