A series of tips for Rajol Al Tawasol (Encourage children and family in the reconstruction of the house)

2019-12-01 11:26:00

One of the most important benefits of family meeting

–Find out the news of each family member.

–Share worries and joyous news as well.

– To accustom children to the importance of having time for the family as there is time for their friends and themselves, and this increases their association with the concept of family and family, and the bonding of brothers with each other.

–Meeting your family regularly every day protects your children from falling into the trap of mental disorders, grief, and sometimes drugs, and other potential risks that any young person and child can easily experience in all communities.

–Babysitting adults and benefit from their experiences in life

–Teaching children the traditions of society and cultivating the values of love, tolerance and doing good in them