A series of tips for Rajol Al Tawasol (Damage to unreliable harmful mixtures )

2019-11-30 15:28:02

1. Do not use any herbal medicine based on experience Others because herbal mixtures or herbal medicines differ in Methods of treatment from person to person

2.Don't get behind the claims that herbal preparations Prevent, treat, or eliminate diseases if not established This should be done scientifically or if these claims have been confirmed by the parties Formal health

3. Pay attention from the misleading advertising to some fake Plant products and herbal medicines about their effectiveness or safety Use them that are not supported by documented evidence.

4. Carefully handle claims that are always mentioned or published Herbal remedies are safe because these herbs are natural and free of Chemicals manufactured and have no collateral damage nor Medically incompatible with any modern medicine

5. Drink plenty of water and fruits, exercise and work By the Almighty

And eat and drink, and do not waste, because he does not love the extravagant. (31)